Fat Transfer (Brazailian Butt Lift)


We have been performing fat transfers to different areas from the start. It is your own fat, that when we liposuction, we can collect in a sterile manor and then reinject into your body into a different area, to enhance the contour of a given area. 

Following areas where we transfer fat to: 

  1. Buttock: this is the most commonly requested procedure. This is also called a "Brazilian Butt Lift". Visually it shows tremendous improvement. Measurement wise also there is improvement. Patients have been extremely satisfied. When we use the tickle lipo machine to collect fat, the survival rate of fat becomes much greater, helping us provide excellent results for our patients. 
  2. Face - along Nasoliabal fold: upper and lower lips to make them fuller, loss of fat from aging giving depressions can be filled out with fat. 
  3. To Hands: back of the hands, when bones and ligaments become prominent, fat transferred to the hands makes them look younger. 
  4. To Legs & Calfs: When legs are skinny, unusually thin we transfer fat to the legs, it does increase girth, circumference and results in them looking less skinny. 
  5. To Penis: It increased circumference of the penis. increasing pleasure to women. 
  6. To Valva: When fat is transferred to the outer lips, the valva majora is just right amount, rejuvenates vaginal opening hiding inner lips and increasing pleasure. 
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